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Code of Conduct

1) Registering an account

1.1) You can register only one account. You are responsible for all actions performed via your account, regardless of who actually carried out these actions.
1.2) Players with multiple accounts can be muted or banned for any infractions of these rules.
1.3) Administration can review accounts or enter any game to determine if misuse of accounts occurs.

2) Behaviour in chat

A public chat has been provided for players to talk with other players. The chat is international and, as such, you will meet players from all over the world. It is important that everyone respects other cultures and personalities within this public chat. Moderators will interact and try to help players however these rules for chat will be followed:

2.1) Players should respect Moderators and their decisions. Moderators are players who represent the administration who have been asked to supervise the behaviour of everyone on the chat. They have the right to mute or ban players who do not conform to the site rules. If you do not agree with a decision taken by a Moderator, do not harass the Moderator in public chat. To complain about an action taken by a Moderator, send an email to describing the incident and attaching a screenshot. As chat is public, Moderators may choose not to discuss their actions. The Administration of the site takes all complaints seriously and will respond accordingly, if deemed necessary.
2.2) While using chat one should behave culturally and respectfully to other players.
2.3) Public chat in the app is a privilege and is provided to help players, discuss games, backgammon rules and goodwill.

Account Penalty

  • The administration reserves the right to mute or ban a player’s account with no prior explanation.
  • Muting is usually reserved for violations of chat rules and will allow a player to use the app to play but they will not be allowed to use public chat.
  • Bans are used for game related violations or severe violations of chat.
  • Moderator or administrator reserves the right to choose the penalty depending on severity of violation.

For example:

  • Limited swearing may result in a warning to a 1 day mute while repeated swearing will result in progressively longer mutes.
  • Advertising to sell gold may result in a permanent ban.

Generally (but not limited to) mutes will be issued for:

3.1) While in public chat, swearing; insults, threats to other players or administration, repeating the same text continuously (Spamming chat).
3.2) Incitement of ethnic or religious hatred.
3.3) Promotion of any kind of violence; publication or distribution of materials or pictures which can be considered to be pornographic or otherwise offensive, including the use of these pictures as avatars. Promotion of the purchase or consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs.
3.4) Players may not publish or distribute any copyrighted or similarly protected materials without prior consent from the copyright or similar protection holders.
3.5) Players may not share other player’s private information including, but not limited to; actual names, addresses, phone numbers, and personal information.
3.6) Communicating on the general chat in language differed of the name this chat.

Generally (but not limited to) mutes or bans will be issued for:

3.7) Registering a user name which includes swear words, insults or a meaningless combination of symbols, or a name similar to administration titles, e.g. “Administrator” or “Moderator”. Registering a name that is very similar to name of another player (cloning).
3.8) Gaining elo points by not playing a real opponent e.g. playing yourself or a friend in order to gain these points, or by any other dishonest method.
3.9) Deliberate exploitation of bugs and errors to obtain benefits; hacking of the program.
3.10) Advertising.
3.11) Transfer of registration data of your account, both free of charge and for benefit.
3.12) It is prohibited for users who are not authorized by the Administration of the game to directly or indirectly pose as a former or current employee of the Administration, or game support, website or forum;
3.13) Misuse of any account by purchasing or selling it, or enticing others to do so. This includes selling account contents such as gold. Gold obtained by such means can be removed without notice.
3.14) It is forbidden to participate in the same tournament using multiple accounts.
3.15) Misuse of accounts to rig tournament, games, challenges or other in-game events. This includes groups joining the same tournament and fixing the winner. Gold obtained by such means can be removed without notice.
3.16) Using third party pictures in avatar without their permission.

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