How are dice generated?

During each roll "Backgammon Masters" generates 2 random values from 1 to 6 using a random number generator. The rolled values are random. It is worthy of noting that the computing technology (computer, smartphone or tablet) can currently generate only pseudorandom numbers

How does random number generator work?

In "Backgammon Masters" dice is generated with help of random number generator Mersenne twister. The current algorithm is being used in many computer programs that generate random numbers including other backgammon games (for example, GNU backgammon). Algorithm offers a pseudorandom number generation and starts from a number value called Seed. Using this seed the algorithm generates infinite sequence of random numbers. Each seed allows generation of different sequence. If you know the seed you can generate the same sequence of random numbers.

In "Backgammon Masters" each game (match) begins with a unique seed. Current system time expressed in microseconds is being used as a component for the seed. This guarantees that you will never be able to start a game with the same random generation of dice.
Note: in internet games random values generates by the server.

After finishing a game in "Backgammon Masters" a window with results appears in which you can view last match statistics. In statistics you can find the seed of the random number generator and see the sequence of all dice rolled throughout the game. Using this seed you can check the sequence of dice to confirm that the dice rolls were not changed in the favor of opponent. You can also confirm that the random number sequence was generated on entierly on the basis of seed and not on any other mechanisms in the game.
Above you can see screenshot from the game. It shows that the seed has value of 3869077505. The sequence of dice rolls in game is shown under the seed.

How to generate dice sequence using the seed?

To generate dice rolls on this webpage enter the seed and the number of dice rolls. Then click on the submit button.
The dice rolls will be displayed in rows of 10 from left to right, starting from the first roll.

Seed =
Number of dice Rolls =

How to check the sequence of dice rolls in game?

Find the seed and sequence in last match window.
Enter the seed on this page and generate the sequence of dice according to the instructions above. Compare the rolled dice in game and the dice sequence on site. This will help you confirm that dice in game was generated strictly according to the algorithm.
As an example, you can see screenshots below.

Random number generator source code

If you wish to view the source code of random number generator used in "Backgammon Masters" you can download it here.

What is the purpose of this page?

This page was created first of all to satisfy requests of all players who believe that "Backgammon Masters" is tricking the player or giving better dice to the opponent or throws too many doubles.