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Discover the timeless charm of the oldest board game on earth with Masters of Backgammon. Our app lets you enjoy this classic on various devices, featuring pleasant graphics, unique board designs, and user-friendly features that accommodate both beginners and experienced players. Engage in both single player and multiplayer game modes, create friend lists, chat, and send private messages to other users.

If you’re new to backgammon, explore our Help section to learn the rules of Backgammon, Nackgammon, Old English backgammon, Tavla, and Narde. Experienced players will appreciate the Elo rating system, tournaments, achievement list, and detailed game and dice roll statistics.

Single mode

Classic Backgammon

In Classic Backgammon, you can play against intermediate and professional AI, connect with another device via Bluetooth, or enjoy hotseat mode with friends using the same device.

Masters of Backgammon makes it easy to organize backgammon games at home with family and friends. The appealing graphics and varied board selection create a realistic board game experience.

Feel free to adjust game parameters, movement speeds, and other options to your preference. Plus, the classic game doesn’t require an internet connection to play.

Online mode

Online Backgammon

Our online server enables you to challenge players on any device, as long as you have an internet connection. Registration is straightforward, and you can even use your Google account to log in.

After registering, connect with other players, communicate through built-in mail and chat, personalize your profile, and participate in tournaments. Share your achievements in the hall of fame and improve your skills by challenging more experienced players.

The widely recognized Elo system provides an easy way to compare yourself to others and find your place in the ranking. Take a break by watching games or invite a friend for a casual backgammon match.


Online Backgammon

Join regular Backgammon and Narde tournaments to compete against others and aim for the top prize. Tournament winners receive recognition in chat and earn a medal on their profile.

Tournaments take place frequently and at various times, accommodating players from all time zones.


Backgammon Ratings

Share your achievements on the public leader board, compare yourself with others, and see where you stand. As you reach new levels, you’ll gain a distinguished precious stone next to your name.

Masters of Backgammon includes rating tables for both Elo scores and tournament wins. Play, refine your skills, and rise through the ranks.



Masters of Backgammon offers six appealing and realistic board designs to suit your taste. Each board features unique checkers and a doubling cube. Look forward to more boards in future updates.

Support and development


New players from around the world are discovering the fascinating game of backgammon every day. We strive for constant improvement and regularly update the app with new features.

We genuinely care about our users and value their suggestions and feedback. Stay informed with updates on our Facebook, Twitter, and in-game news board. Click here to contact our support team for any questions or assistance.

Download the app for free and begin your journey into the captivating world of backgammon!


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Masters of Backgammon App Store Masters of Backgammon App Store Masters of Backgammon Google Play
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